Show more, care less



I was standing on a Public Utility Jeepney (PUJ) stop on my way to the mall when I noticed a couple next to me.
I was not the only one who had seen whatever they were doing, and maybe I was one of the few who tried not to be distracted by them.  When a jeepney arrived, I got in and sat in front of another couple. I couldn’t help but gave them a glimpse while they displayed their fondness for each other for everyone to see.
Inside the mall, I was about to take the escalator going to the second floor when again, another couple, passed me by. Different settings, different characters—yet all exhibiting affection while wearing their school uniforms. Whenever we go to a public place, it is almost impossible not to see young couples holding hands while walking, cuddling his arms around her shoulders, and at times even more. Sometimes we could even hear older couples asking, “Anong school yan?”
Affection is a universal feeling of adoration, and it comes as an agreement between you and your partner. If you choose to flaunt it in public, there should be limitations.
You should never degrade yourself while wearing the uniform of your school while doing such acts.
By so doing you degrade your alma mater as well as your family.
Young people like us are the future nation-builders and leaders.
The idea of our country someday is visualized with us building it, and it emerging as the world’s most developed country. Through the faith and respect of the general public, we begin to collect the bricks for building LuzViMinda as early as now.
How can we have these when we can’t even respect ourselves in public?Even if we say that we are the generation set to do justice to the word liberation, we are still part of the conservative culture of our nation.
Liberation, in any way around, is freedom in ideas, actions, and words.
However, we have to consider our environment and the community we’re living in. To liberate ourselves is to understand the norms of our culture.
We have to live with it without violating it. Let’s just accept the fact that no matter how much we attempt to “Westernize” ourselves, the traditions that run through our veins are the ones that Maria Clara had.
Let us all aim to be the models our successors tried hard to shape us to be.
We should be the ones to set a good example instead of us being the epitome of transgression.
This is a quest for us. Are we going to accept it, or are we going to ignore this and follow the wrong trail before us?


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