A check on sex


Get your mind out of the gutter.
Most of what we know, we learn in school.
In these changing times, the curriculum of the schools changes too. Our education copes with the evolution of the society. What the society needs, what it seeks, the school tries to provide.
Since the world now prides itself in its twisted idea of liberation, the school has once again tried to cope with the implementation of sex education in public schools. This raised eyebrows of both parents and teachers.
Imagine an elementary school with teachers teaching kids about sex. Isn’t that worth having your eyebrows raised?
Aren’t we thoroughly uninformed?
Media has portrayed sex as casual and virginity as impractical. This image gives students an idea that this intimate act is something you could just give anytime the opportunity arises. What isn’t shown is the vulnerability that comes with opening yourself up to someone.
It is an act of giving yourself up, of baring yourself to someone special to you. It is letting go of every ounce of control and trusting your partner to take care of you despite this. It isn’t casual. In fact, it’s the complete opposite of casual.
The cyber world is a vast plane of information that is, most of the time, erroneous. It is too vast and has too many turns than what a young mind could easily navigate.
Sex Education is a program by the United Nations Population Fund to combat this ignorance and misinformation.
The word sex has left minds in the gutter.
The notion that sex education will lead to a demonstration of the intimate act as well as a free access to contraceptive is thoroughly mistaken.
This program aims to focus on physical hygiene, puberty, heterosexual relationships and how to object to inappropriate behaviour by older adults that could progress to sexual exploitation or molestation.
Information regarding the topics mentioned above will greatly help the youth in knowing the truth about sex. The responsibility that comes with it is a must-know for students.
Contrary to our belief, sex education does not seek to entice the students to have their try at sex. It does not flaunt the idea that sex, as long as it is consensual and safe is OK. Instead, it instills the responsibility that comes with engaging in an act as this.
The apprehension of religious sects and parents as well as the teachers themselves is understandable.
It is a big change that could make or break a young mind. However, wouldn’t it be better to keep them informed in a formal setting such as in a classroom than letting them find out about these things through the internet?
Young minds are naturally curious. They would go out of their way to seek information just to fill their yearning.
If the school is not ready to answer then they would turn to other means to garner this information.
The terror of sex education stirring the youth to act on impulse cannot be taken lightly. It is highly possible. But it all boils down to competent teachers.
Like any other subject, if the teachers are effective in teaching, then the lesson is learned. If we have competent teachers teaching sex education then there is greater possibility that students would take heed.
We need competent teachers behind the table telling the youth that no, the media is not right in what they are portraying and that it actually is serious business you shouldn’t even bother until you’re well and ready. We need teachers that would not flaunt but inform.
Let us get our minds out of the gutter and realize that sex education is not a threat to the purity of innocent minds but as a means to equip them of knowledge they would need once they step out of the school grounds.


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