SMCL observes Arts Month

In celebration of National Arts Month in February, Saint Michael’s college of Laguna held “Pasinaya 2011@SMCL,” on Feb. 9, 21-24, & 28.

Highlight of the program is the cultural dance presentation of the Philippine Barangay Folk Dance Troupe. SMCL administrators, students, faculty, and guests from different schools in the 1st district of Laguna watched the performance.

Other activities were “Workshop with Sam” a music workshop with Samuel Revilla, SMCL Grade School alumnus and theater actor. “Sayaw Pinoy” on the other hand was held on Feb. 22 featuring “Pinoy Beats.” SMCL High School won in the dance competition. Also, Cooltura showcased Michaelean talents thru music and performing arts.

Together with the Pasinaya festival was the Corporate Social Responsibility Day. Zonta Philippines launched its Micro-finance project while Tulay sa Pag-unlad, Inc. granted loans to SMCL LINGAP mothers. This also coincided with the campaigns of Z and Golden Z clubs entitled “No to Mining in Palawan” and “Wear Your Cause.”

The festival ended with the English Freshmen Convocation and the preview of the Festival of Off-Broadway Musicals by the SMCL High School seniors.


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