Nobody’s exempted



From the very first breath we had since we were expelled out of our mother’s womb, future horrible life experiences were all set — aligned and parallel.
We are expected to show viscous coping mechanisms as we altogether undergo stressful situations in life. These stressors might be internal or external with some related factors including pressure from peers, school, family, love life, and work.
As far as realization is concerned, the way we dressed ourselves in times of sorrow was disembarked. We tend to put our rifles down each time a terrorist would stab us at our backs.
We used to think that our life is meaningless. We lose hope as if there is nothing left behind. We play safe just to avoid circumstances we do need to struggle.
We are afraid. We are weak. We are not fighters.
The challenges we are facing right now serves as a front burner for tomorrow’s heartbeat associated with healthy compensatory mechanisms. It’s the grandest pacemaker used towards our steadfast individualized journey to excellence.
Meaning to say, what we have right now, our flaws, our depths, our tears, and so on are just bundles of impairments. Yes, they make our life more complicated. But at the same time, they mold, poise, shape and nurture each of us to become a well-defined person someday.
Every one is struggling for survival. Every one is in the midst of fighting for his own personal objectives. We share common denominator.  No one in this world would come up on the stage and say, “I’m glad, I’m free from sinister escapades…”
We must look upon these consequences as a bridge filled with hope. Even if there were thousands of tons hitched on our backs, still, the next point would always be stationary- waiting for us in exile.
We must offer some sort of bloodshed for our goals. A success achieved through heartaches is success worth to be experienced life long.
Everybody encounters different struggles in life. It’s indeed a strict compliance. The thing is if we let these foes phagocytes us, we’re such a losers.
“A college student turned to be fall out boys and girls.”  Don’t just be gold diggers in red, or spoon-feed in black. Thus, be an outshine winner in gold. Go forth and live life to it’s strongest!


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