A check on sex

PERICARDIUM BY AR-JOY NAVARRO Get your mind out of the gutter. Most of what we know, we learn in school. In these changing times, the curriculum of the schools changes too. Our education copes with the evolution of the society. What the society needs, what it seeks, the school tries to provide. Since the world … Continue reading

Scholar’s survival kit

THE PRINCE BY LEONARDO VILLAR According to Lao Tzu, “A scholar who cherishes the love of comfort is not fit to be deemed a scholar.” The question now is “how do you become a scholar”? To become a scholar, a student must first complete necessary requirements which will fit or will meet the standards of … Continue reading

Empowered truths

We are blessed with the beauty of reality and the gift of truth. Our generation has formulated ways for truth to work in our lives. What we know, we learn from the many facets of the media. It has become our source of the latest news, of verified facts, of the information that we consider … Continue reading

Nobody’s exempted

From the very first breath we had since we were expelled out of our mother’s womb, future horrible life experiences were all set — aligned and parallel.
We are expected to show viscous coping mechanisms as we altogether undergo stressful situations in life. These stressors might be internal or external with some related factors including pressure from peers, school, family, love life, and work.

Show more, care less

I was standing on a Public Utility Jeepney (PUJ) stop on my way to the mall when I noticed a couple next to me.
I was not the only one who had seen whatever they were doing, and maybe I was one of the few who tried not to be distracted by them. When a jeepney arrived, I got in and sat in front of another couple. I couldn’t help but gave them a glimpse while they displayed their fondness for each other for everyone to see.

Saan patungo ang reproductive health bill?

Patuloy ang paglobo ng populasyon dito sa Pilipinas.
Kasabay nito ang pagdami ng mahihirap nating mga mamamayan.
Lumalaki ang bilang ng mga nagugutom, ng mga walang tirahan, at higit sa lahat, marami nang mga bata ang hindi na nakakapag-aral.

Overpopulated profession

The cliché “aiming for a greener pasture” now ends with a question mark rather than a period.

High Hopes for Obama

Change they need, change they did. Or did they?

EDITORIAL: CMO 5: newer and better?

When times change, then so shall we.