The Graduate: A partner towards transformational society

We are now in an era where everything seems to be temporal. There is a need for constant change, and constant change it is.
It’s hard for us to see the rapid change that is currently happening all around the globe because the country is still in the course of development. There is a thirst for further innovations and paradigm shifts, but sometimes there are no resources to quench that thirst.
And so, the DEPED envisioned to mold the Filipino youth to be agents of change and pioneers of innovations. The new batch of graduates shall go forth and attempt to change the world as it is today.
As our high school journey ends, we must not stop there. We should go beyond our borders and limits to be able to bring forth that change that we’ve been craving. We shouldn’t stay there in the shoreline; we should plunge into the deep, dark water.
Let’s face it; we have the capabilities and knowledge but something is lacking. Financial poverty shouldn’t be dragged into this; rather poverty of opportunities is to be looked upon. Some people have the tools and the means but they don’t have that opportunity to shine.
The Filipino youth of today should be responsive to the needs of a changing world. We have been educated well enough that we are able to bring the number. But then, is there any opportunity for us to exhibit these and change the world as we know it?
To be able to transform the society, we should be the ones to create our own opportunities. We shall find a way, or make a way. Challenges should be transformed into opportunities instead. We shall shape the next generation of Filipinos towards excellence.
Let’s make it happen. This is a call for all the graduates, that we shall serve a common purpose – that of societal change. We should act as agents of change and pioneers of innovations.
As the old cliché goes, the youth is the hope of today. Let us give this rehearsed line some justice; we should join all those who are aiming for the same cause until we fulfill our aspirations and goals. We shall go beyond our comfort zones and there, the change that we’ve been craving must take its course.


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