Scholar’s survival kit


According to Lao Tzu, “A scholar who cherishes the love of comfort is not fit to be deemed a scholar.”
The question now is “how do you become a scholar”?
To become a scholar, a student must first complete necessary requirements which will fit or will meet the standards of the sponsor.
A student must have high grades, good moral records, dedication to study, diligence, and participation to academic and extracurricular activities. Then, he has to undergo an examination. After passing the exam, he will also undergo interviews. Finally, he will be authorized to enrol officially to whichever program he likes.
There are also scholars who attend school under the tuition of a wealthier family. This is due to the potential they see in these students. Still there are scholars who are picked because of their talents. Often, it is because of their promise in sports or in arts.
A scholar must be wise. He is not just intelligent or talented but he must be able to use the  knowledge he has and further improve it. He must be active in class for him to be noticed by his professors. Dean Victor Manabat once said, “A student must avoid being a ‘matter’, something that has space and has mass. He needs to take considerable actions in order to contain ‘contents’ and ‘be contained’ in something substantial.”
Garnering awards, honors, and/or public recognition is imminent. He is independent yet sociable. Cheating is not in his vocabulary. He does not depend on others for things that he can do himself. He is not a parasite. He is good in time management. He gives enough time to study and do his other chores at home. He won’t sacrifice his time with his loved ones for studying and vice versa. Lastly, he knows how to prioritize.
A scholar must be diligent. He is able to see the positive merit in everything he does and sees or to make things work out according to his plans and goals.
A scholar must be a person of action. It sounds hard and seems like it takes a lot of work. It is. Getting the scholarship is not the end of being a scholar. It is actually the beginning. It does not give you a free pass to slack off. Scholars are scholars for a reason. People, from government or otherwise, see the potential in scholars.
They lay down hard-earned money for his education. It is only justifiable to expect more than what an average student can do. Even non-academic scholars should do their part in getting grades that are above average. A true scholar is not hindered by his tasks in whatever organization to achieve beyond what is expected of him. If he does not surpass the average, then, he is just mediocre who doesn’t deserve the scholarship.
A person who has an exceptional talent and has the ability to balance it out with his academic standing is a true scholar. Be one.


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