Empowered truths

We are blessed with the beauty of reality and the gift of truth. Our generation has formulated ways for truth to work in our lives.
What we know, we learn from the many facets of the media. It has become our source of the latest news, of verified facts, of the information that we consider relative in our lives. We rely heavily on what is broadcasted, what is printed and what is published. What our trusted anchor says ring like gospel in our ears.

It is our privilege that our media has achieved a transparency that was never achieved before. Bias is forgone for the sake of accuracy.

Take the case of Heidi Mendoza for example. The media no longer favors the strong and the famous but sticks to what abides the law.

Information is no longer monopolized. If we have the know-how, information is at our fingertips.

The government has also taken effort to show what is real through the formation of the truth commission. Even they have strived to show what is real and report what is true.

The government no longer decides to show half truths for our so-claimed benefit. The facts are laid on our feet and we decide whether to take it for our benefit.

With our country’s new track record, we now have nothing to doubt, nothing to fear.

We are no longer spoon-fed, we are now responsible for how we take the news and what we do about it.

Our generation has grown. We have matured.

We are no longer just observers. We have become crusaders of truth.

The media has provided us an avenue to participate through citizen journalism. We are given opportunities to broadcast what we see and what we know. GMA has YouScoop, TV5 has Journalismo, and ABS-CBN has Boto Mo, I-patrol Mo. Media has empowered citizen journalism. Truth, in the form of news, is delivered to the masses through mobile technology which has offered a way for us to tell of stories greatly relevant to us, news that affect our daily lives and impact us directly.

We are no longer alien to the process of disseminating information. We have become part of it.

We no longer just listen, we make a stand.


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