Overpopulated profession





The cliché “aiming for a greener pasture” now ends with a question mark rather than a period.

Taking up nursing has become a trend in many colleges in the past few years since the beginning of year 2000.

As of now, the production of nurses in the country has elevated to an overwhelming excess, and the government is alarmed with the increasing rate of unemployment of Filipino nurses.

According to statistics, the number of unemployed nurses has reached 40,000 as confirmed by Rep. Magtanggol Gunigundo (2nd District, Valenzuela City), who reviewed the plight of Filipino nurses here and abroad.

In addition, Philippine nursing schools managed to manufacture more than what is needed in the market.

Statistics affirm that more than 50,000 nurses graduated from 2000 to 2005.

These graduates are currently struggling for employment.

Aside from that, since the year 2001, there were at least 53,390 students enrolled under the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program.

Five years later, the number rose to 405,000.

There was a clear proverbial increase in the number of enrollees possibly brought about by the persuasion of parents and relatives with the desire to grab opportunities abroad.

However, the booming number of students affects the quality of education rendered by the nursing schools.

This is evidenced by the drop in the passing rate of takers in the Local Board Exams—from 63% during 1981 to 1988 to 48% during 2002 to 2008.

Lack of competitive clinical instructors to contrast the big number of students also contributes to the declining quality of education.

As a result, the skills needed are not sufficiently met.

Another problem presented concerning the students pronounces that a certain number were not even entirely qualified to take the course.

We all hope for a better future, but we have to understand that life requires endurance and perseverance; our lives are dictated not by the course we prefer nor by the paths we take. It’s our decision—it’s all about choices.

Now is your time to choose.


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